Friday, October 24, 2008

A great day at work!

Here I am in my studio enjoying music and watching the paint do it's magic over my canvas! How fun is that?
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mavis said...

This is a beautiful blog.
I love the black background.
I love the artist.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diana! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

John T.

Ron said...

Ok thats a better picture. Wow you are going full speed on your blog. It is looking great.Kewl beans.


PS check mine to see pictures of the Folly thing.

Ron said...

I wish I was a menber of your fan club..... bummer

Carly Clements-Hardy said...

Hey, this is awesome! Only one thing missing...I'm not in the fan club :( and you know that I'm a great fan of yours!!

May all your paintings bring much gold into your life!

cc hardy

W-Spears said...

Wow Diana!! I enjoy viewing your art. You have a vivid mind when it comes to art. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne G. said...

Hello Old Friend!
How surprised I was to find you! I love your work! How proud I am to have an "original" from 1987! Can you believe it's been that long? Continued success to you!

Jeanne (& Don too!)

DIANA DICE said...

Help! My senior moment set in and I don't know which painting you have.....I do keep better records now that I am famous!...tell me!


Jeanne G. said...

It's actually a pen/ink drawing. I gave you a picture of a cupola in New Rochelle, NY that you did for Don's 40th. You actually did 2 one in black/blue/gold and the other in green. Does that jog your memory? Do you remember the Gerhardts?

DIANA DICE said...

The Gerhardts? Where would I know them from??????

And what do you think of my art now? Do go to and see more by looking up my name.


Jeanne G. said...

Charleston??? Jaime and Ashley were in the same class at Orange Grove???? Uhh you lived on the other side of the marsh from us.....hmmmm need any more HINTS?

Don wanted to know if I knew you were such an artist...I said I must have, I got you to do the cupola.
Your paintings are beautiful. Very vibrant like I remember YOU! Too bad you don't remember me....I'm very vibrant too! hoho

DIANA DICE said...

Yes! Yes! you had TWO lovely daughters!!!!!whew......I finally remember!

Catch me up on what's going on with all of you!

DIANA DICE said...

and I remember JOY!!!!!

Jeanne G. said...

Who's Joy?